Wednesday, January 25, 2017

Why your toddler NEEDS Soft Sole Shoes

soft sole toddler shoes

Sure, we've seen those adorable tiny cutesy puedo shoes with soft cotton soles on itty bitty babies, but heres why toddlers are actually the age group that needs those soft soles.


Toddlers are called "toddlers" for a reason. They toddle, unbalanced and uncoordinated through much of this phase of their lives. They are still developing their balance and coordination when it comes to basics like walking. Most toddlers go from not being able to walk at all to running and jumping and climbing on jungle gyms. In order for them to accomplish this well, they are going to need soft, flexible shoes that allow them to bend their feet and feel the ground with their toes. Thick rubber soles keep the feet from bending as they walk, resulting in an inability to regain balance when they start to tumble.


Soft sole shoes are roomier and do not restrict the foot as much as they grow. Softer soles also allow toddlers to develop important muscles in their foot that will help with balance and strengthen their ankle muscles which ultimately helps their posture be straight and balanced as well.


soft sole dress shoe oxford
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No one wants to see their child hurt by sharp or pointy objects on the ground, and a good soft sole shoe helps assist with this. Try to pick one out with a semi-thick leather sole that will remain flexible, but keep out anything too hot, too cold or pointy.


With a soft sole shoe, it is easy to tell where the end of their toes are, so there is no guess work as to whether they are too small, too big, or just right. In addition, if you think of soft soles like slippers, which one do you think you would choose if you want to be comfortable? Comfort helps a toddler forget about his shoes all together and focus on the important things in life, like figuring out how to get the secret candy stash on top of the fridge... Cognitive development! I meant cognitive development :)

Classy Baby Co aims to create a soft sole that is perfect for your little guy or gal as they adventure this hazardous time period of ridiculous growth and development. We are just launching, and do not have a full product line out, yet... Check us out here, or Subscribe to our mailing list to get updates about our first product line release, promos, and interesting articles like this on delivered right to your email!

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